Saturday, July 05, 2008

Google Nemesis Launch And Review

Chris Mcneeny is again to storm the Adwords plus Clickbank affiliate marketing world with his new upcoming product which is named Google Nemesis by his Day Job Killer team.

Chris has got the super guru status after a series of mega successful product launches in a particular niche that is clickbank information and software product marketing with Google adwords pay per click.

His first product was Adwords Miracle , second was Day Job Killer [with a devasting million dollar clickbank sales record] , third was Google Assassin and finally this time it is Google Nemesis.Before launching Google Assassin he also experimeneted with an only $8 priced ebook on Affiliate Marketing.

The most interseting fact about his products is that they sales like crazy to the same buyers repeatadly.His sales letter are enough to tickle your nerves to pull your credit card and click on the oder button.And the hypes about the launch of his product drive the entire clickbank affiliate marketers wild and obviousely that makes people compel to think something new and magical about his product and make them to buy it before anyone else for the fear of losing something than peers.

The fact is that Adwords Miracle and Day Job Killer are useless guide book at this moment because of repeated change in Google Adwords policies [aka Google slap and affiliate marketer's landing page and its URL policy].Yet they are still good if you don't know ABC of affiliate marketing , clickbank , google adwords , keyword research etc. But if you can search on google every informations are free to read , download and use.

His third product was solely software driven and the little bit preview and access he has given to me I am sure Google Nemesis is also a combination of ebook+software+coaching and spying tools.It will have built in tracker which will have all necessary information [ gravity , sales graph , $ per sale , refund rate , number of adwords competitor , keywords being used by them for the longest time , estimated CPC , landing pages URLs being used by competitors etc] . As a PPC marketer I can say these informations are invaluable to start a campaign with 99% presumed success rate instead of FLYING BLIND and spending hundreds of dollars testing a product profitability with thousands of keywords combo.It will reduce your time and money to achieve your success.You will also have idea of high converting landing page models which are friendly to Google Adwords quality score.

In the promo email from Chris and also in sales page of Google Nemesis Chris has announced that he will give away his $2k a day adwords campaign with keywords , landing page and offer.I will say don't fall to this utter nonsense sales policy.Do you think that the 8000+ future buyers of Google Nemesis will make profit from the same niches and same keywords and same offer with the same landing page while Google adwords display only 11 ads in maximum [where only position 3 to 6 are profitables] in it's first page! Don't buy Google Nemesis for it.It is not going to be a Plug-N-Play dollar printing machine for you. Use common sense!

So , how do you will make money from Google Nemesis?

With adding few extra steps which your peer buyers will not bother to use and implement.Let me break down it for easier understanding.

To market a clickbank product profitably with Google Adwords , Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcnter or social media , bum marketing whatever you use , you must follow some marketing plans.

Step-1:Locate a product with demand . Sub steps involves market research and clickbank product research.You have to evaluate the market and evaluate a clickbank product for its quality of sales page , quality of graphics , testimonials , gravity , sales graph , refund rate and negative reviews in search engines [very imporatnt these days]. Google Nemesis will do it with ease of clicks.

Step-2: Spy on your competitors in pay per click search engines.Grab their keywords which are being used by them for more than 3 weeks.Have a look at their landing page and note down best aspect of the landing page which makes it stand out.So that you can later make the best landing page combining all the best aspects of the landing pages of your competitors.Google Nemesis will have built in tools and strategy to do it.

Step-3:Grab a bonus.Its a disputed issue and many big guru discourage it because they provide bonus to convert their list along with the product they are promoting ; but don't want to do these by small time affiliate marketer because it can kill one of their guarded marketing strategy.And I will say go for it.

These days 90% of the Internet browsers are aware that they can buy almost everything out there with own affiliate link and thus save 5% to 75% of the price they are paying for it.Then why they will buy through your link? SO , you have to give extra value to them for their money.I was selling one software on registry cleaner from clickbank and after my days of research , spying , tweaking and grinding it I was making $150/day in net profit from it daily basis.Not bad , many of you will say fantastic! Then I thought of increasing my sales with the same budget. I tried atleast 18 variations of ad copy , landing pages hoping this time conversion rate would be increased.But , nope that did not happened , oh , I was using my own landing page for it.Then one of the guy from my member's only forum put an ad for a short report on how to make computer lightening speedy and error free with simple tweaks and free softwares and I ended up buying resell right of it for $85 [he priced it so] .And I changed my landing page next day creating one nice cover for my ebook and I wrote a small upsell paragraph for it.I announced everybody buying through my link will get this for free! And on the next day $85 extra was added to my clickbank account for the same number of clicks!

I have few nice case studies on it.just contact me if you are interested for them.I'll show you how and where to get these killer bonuses which will boost your sales beyond imagination.

Step-4:So you have done market research , got the well converting keywords , have enough knoweldge from ebooks in the Google Nemesis , got a bonus pack as an add-on BUT what if you see a horrible landing page like the most good converting clickbak products have.For example compare this well converting clickbank product with my direct payout landing page at [Oh My God - i am exposing my $200/day net profit website] for the same product.Can you see the difference?

I just wanted to say that you need a professional looking landing page and direct linking to your clickbank payout form [obviousely with your clickbank cookie] for some products which have pathetic [unfortunately for 90% of well converting clickbak product in some good niches have poor sales letter] sales letter. And Google Nemesis team has got a PPC management service which will do this job for you.Thats great.

So , if you have thought of purchasing Google Nemesis - I'll say - Yes! Go for it. BUT follow the above 4 steps religiously in order to make real money with can open a new door to you after endless struggling.

Wanna buy with my link? :) At the end of the day I am a markter moreover I can assist you in 90% cases.And I have got some kick ass bonuses for you also. Anyway decision is always your!

May be you like to visit Google Nemesis Review And Best Bonus

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Product Launch Formula 2.0 From Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker who launched his Product launch Formula almost two and half years back[in October 2005] has updated his product and now going to launch it on 25 th of March 2008 with 2.0.

Product Launch Formula 2.0
cover everything you are going to need to know to create a
buzz around your campaign and how to bring in the maximum amount of cash with a minimum
amount of effort.

Product Launch Formula 2.0 shows you the way how to bring in the maximum amount of cash
with a minimum amount of effort making a product launch.It teaches you how to create the
buzz before the product launch and then handle the post launch situation.

In a planned way the product launch formula 2.0 will guide you to cover up the following point:

A Product Launch Planner,
A Planner For Joint Venture Partners,
Fulfillment Planner,
Draw the Mind Maps and
how to manage your Stress On The launch Day.

In the pre-released videos of the Product launch formula 2.0 ; Jeff walker has covered some very exciting and never
seen before online marketing techniques.

In the first video Jeff shows a guy named Jogn Gallagher making a six figure income in a crazy obscure niche
'Edible and medicinal plants' following Jeff's marketing techniques incorporated in the product launch formula.
John launched the same product before purchasing product launch formula but it was a total distater -
only $359 in sales after investing thousands of dollars.But the same product racked in $20,500+ in less than
24 hours after buying and implementing the marketing techniques of Jeff Walker's product launch formula.

[1]Here you go to watch the First video...

Food stamp to six figure

[2]For the second video of Product launch formula 2.0 which explains "Horizontal Helix" go here

Horizontal Helix MEATY 23-minute Case Study

[3] Product Launch Formula 2.0 Third Video -

To see the 3rd video you have to enter your name and email after seeing the second video.

The ultimate launch will be on 25 th of March 2008 and it is on pre launch stage and only intersted buyers who subscribe for early bird offer will only be able to purchase the course.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Niche Annihilation Method By Rob Benewell

Rob Benewell is in the news of IM Community again after the success of several launches including the Blogging to the Bank ebooks and the Niche Domination System.

The Launch will be held in two phases.

[1] Product 1 is the Niche Annihilation Method which is going to hit the market on Monday 3rd March, 12 noon Eastern time (5pm UK) 2008.

[2] Product 2 is Internet Marketing Annihilation which is going to hit the market on Monday 12th March,12 noon Eastern Time (5pm UK), 2008.

Now what is the Niche Annihilation Method?

It is the methods that Rob has used to annihilate the competition is a few small niche markets and includes techniques on increasing conversions, ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN, time saving, building a strong affiliate program using Clickbank, Creating quick, high ticket backends for niche markets and a load of other cool stuff.

Internet Marketing Annihilation Method:

It is all about cracking the internet marketing community and the different ways to have success with techniques on top of all the usual marketing stuff like in the first ebook...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frank Kern's Mass Control

I think you've heard about the latest buzz about Mass Control by Frank Kern. Yes , the whole IM world is getting crazy over his videos and marketing techniques. he is going to launch his exclusive marketing course on February 1 only to selected few for a hefty price tag. But you can access his videos and mafia report for FREE here.

Okie , here is the video about What is Mass Control.

Here is his video about Mass Control List Building techniques.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Torrential Traffic Tactics Is Going To Launch Today

Michael Jone has reopened the door of Torrential Traffic Tactics...

Few days ago he STUNNED us with another really cool, very powerful way to generate GOBS of ZERO COST traffic.

It was really incredible.

Yep, it's the *Torrential Traffic Tactics* guys giving away part of the store in a behind-the-scenes look on their latest top shelf complimentary video.

>> Torrential Traffic Tactics <<

This quick and easy to implement trick will blow your mind with its simplicity, and leave you wondering why someone else hadn't thought of it already.

The stuff that they've been giving away gratis from their new package is so amazing, we can't wait to see all the high powered techniques that are about to be revealed when *Torrential Traffic Tactics* is released next week.

Make sure you catch this latest revelation and take notes. The video is only about 4 minutes long, yet you'll have the guts of a potent tactic that will get you an ongoing amazing number of fresh visitors to your sites.

Once you put this trick in motion, you'll have to shut your site down to turn off the traffic it creates.

Go see it now and put the info to profitable use right away, before your competitors do.

>> Torrential Traffic Tactics <<

Today at 8 AM PST *Torrential Traffic Tactics* is set to be released.

You're gonna love the salesletter, the product and the irresistible deal they've cooked up for you. Be sure you're there to check it out for yourself.

To unending streams of viral traffic,

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eric Rockefeller's The Last Affiliate Secret

Erock aka the Affiliate Rockstar Comes with his new ebook

The Last Affiliate Secret.In case you do not know who Erik Rockefeller is,

he is guy who did List Monster, Affiliate Rockstar status, Affiliate undercover, Clickbank Killer and many others and now he presents the Last Affiliate Secret.For years i have seen him as a top affiliate. Whenever a new product launches you will see Eric on the top of the sales leaderboard . He is himself 'The Last Super Affiliate'.

The ebook The Last Affiliate Secret Is for newbies actually.While this is not a really a big secret, it's a different methodology or path to becoming a super affiliate.

This ebook explains how to choose a niche and dominate it as a super affiliate by publishing first, building a quality buyers list, and then going on to promote like products within the same niche as a trusted expert. So the hook is the fastest way to become a super affiliate from scratch. This will be explained in detail and sold as the definitive way to surpass the competition.

So here is what the last affiliate secret would cover

- how to choose a niche

- info product creation

- outsourcing

- building traffic

- list building

- recruiting affiliates

- and many many more

It is going to launch Thursday, 20th December, 12pm EST. So , if you are ready to take over Affiliate Marketing as a proper way of making your living and you are detrmined to do so , The Last Affiliate Secret is a no brainer for you. But if you are in Affiliate Marketing for years and make some good earning through it , probably it is not for you instead brush up your knowledge and goal to earn more through affiliate programs.

To your success -

Kabita Kalita.

The blog for The Last Affiliate Secret Is

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Great Escape 2008

The Great Escape 2008 Review

Ok then, here’s my review of the much-hyped Great Escape 2008 - the product package that claims to be able to break you out of the rat race once and for all!

Well, it all sounded a little gimmicky to me, but I just had to give it a go....

So, what were my first impressions?

First of all I thought the $67 price tag was a bit much, but once I’d received the link to download the goodies I’ve gotta be honest and say I was pretty impressed with how much info I got.

There really was a lot and it took me a couple days to actually get through it all (although I am a slow reader!) First off in the main product package, you get an e-book on niche marketing which I found really helpful, covering things like how to identify hungry niche markets and where to look for them. The second e-book is all about Google AdWords and details pretty much everything you need to know. It’s very thorough and it also includes the writer’s ‘Google’s Slap Workaround’ which seems pretty neat, although I haven’t had a chance to put it into action yet.

Then there’s a book on SEO which details all the methods that he uses to get his websites to the very top of the search engines. There were a lot of techniques that weren’t exactly brand-spanking new as I use a few of them myself but I definitely found many of them helpful. After that there’s a really good chapter on list building. It’s only 9 pages long this one but I’ve already started to use some of the techniques he talks about. I’d love to list them here for you but I don’t think it’s right. This guy has obviously put in an amazing amount of work to produce this package.

The final product in the main package is an e-book on CPA (cost-per-action). Now I’ve never even attempted to make money from CPA so this book was great. I’m currently working through this book and implementing the methods.

After the main product package we get to ‘The Tools’ section of the download page. It was at this point that I really thought “wow, these guys have properly over-delivered!” But I loved it. I mean, if you think there’s too much, then just ignore some of it until you’re ready. There are so many programs these days that promise the world and then deliver one shabby 40 page e-book.

The Great Escape is genuinely different and I applaud them for working so hard and giving out so much for only $67.00

The Tools section contains a website builder (although you do have to pay for this), 85 niche websites, 50 blog sites and templates and more than 200 Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights products that you can start selling immediately!! Absolutely unbelievable!

What’s more, there’s a bonus! No really there is! It arrived a week after the purchase and it’s a good one too. It’s called The Sales Letter Formula and it’s basically a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect sales letter. I thought it was fantastic as you really can follow it through, from headline tips all the way down to adding a postscript. Great stuff.

Another really good thing I found was that after I bought the package, I wasn’t abandoned and left to my own devices. Someone was there to actually help which I thought was pretty sound customer service. Normally, I find that customer service only extends to them helping you buy their product and once you have it they couldn’t care less. But after I emailed the support address with some standard queries about the Adwords book, a guy called Nick got back to me with some suggestions within the hour which I thought was great!

So what’s my summary of The Great Escape?

Well I think it’s a great package that covers every base you could ask for, and that’s why I’m writing this review. There are lots of dodgy scammers out there who just take people’s money and then disappear but these guys didn’t. They were there to help me even though they already had my money which means The Great Escape gets my thumbs up. Not only that but there was a ridiculous amount of content as I’ve said, which was solid and very useful, particularly for newbies, although more advanced marketers should be able to learn a thing or two as well.

What I would advise is that anyone who chooses to buy it tackles only one thing at a time. There’s so much stuff it would be easy to get confused so I decided to begin with the CPA book only. I managed to make my first 200 bucks yesterday from CPA and that’s the main reason I decided to sit down and write this. We may not all make as much money as the guys who put this all together but I bet if I give it a real go I’ll soon be making more than $200 a week!

If you’d like to take a look at The Great Escape for yourself , The Great Escape 2008

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Google Assassin - The Day Job Killer Classroom

"With My Google Assassin Software Stash You're About To Live
Like A Clickbank Millionaire For 30 Days"

As a member of my exclusive club , you also get every single cash sucking software tool , I use to profit as an Affiliate marketer.

I think it is a pretty bold claim or more than extreme sales hype. Chris Mcneeney from Day Job Killer is going to launch his 4th clickbank product [hey , this time it is not an ebook but an insider club membership powered , coached and monitored by himself - thank god some practical approach finally] on 20th November , i mean 2 days to go.

Okie , as an invited beta promoter , i previewed chris sales letter , pretty bold , very persuasive.
Good for him.But what makes chris so bold to claim so..

Google espionage!

Well , this is the thing where my brain twisted. In the last few months , i've seen the storm of Affiliate radar ,adspy pro , google cash detective and some little bit marketed software...

So , google espionage is in the same line? Same keywords stealing , reporting and click flipping software? This is the question i asked chris and guess what answer i got... NO!!


Then what else remained in Google Adwords related software? Okie , chris is day job killer guy and known millionaire , he must should have something great and different and must be working - atleast i hope so. Although i am not sure [infact no body else - except this girl] about his so called covert technique and Google espionage software , i hope it will be for limited person only.

And yes man , he said , it'll be for limited person only! Good. Over saturation is annoying.

So , a new storm is coming on 20th November - called 'Google Assassin' .

By the way , i am a great fan of this lady blogger , do you know she is a terrific affiliate marketer selling $5061 worth of clickbank product in a day! OMG and i came to know about Google Assassin through her.

Visit her blog at Google Assassin.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Google payload Is Launching Tomorrow

Google Payload will be launched by tomorrow Noon 12 PM EST.

What is Google Payload- Google Payload is an ebook written by Chris [His other ebooks are Day Job Killer , Affiliate project X , Adwords Miracle ] and Alex Goad [His last ebook is Project Black Mask] . This ebook explore one unknown method being used by one Brazilian guy to earn as much as $9547 a Day.

Is it legitimate: Of course it is. Anybody around the world with access to Internet can do it.

What i have to do? - Set it and forget. Go for a vacation.

Seems little bit fuzzy- That is why there is a 100% money back guarrantee. So , try without risk.

Need investment? - Well, i dont know if there is anything in this world which can be done or bought without investment. Yes , Google Payload need investment. $20 or $20,000 is your decision.

Where money will be deposited?- Your Google Payload earning will be deposited to your paypal account after every 15 days.

How long this Google Payload earning system will exist?
- as long as the internet and computer will exist.

Where i should buy it? You can buy it directly from their website Google . But if you are clever enough , you will buy through other Internet Marketer because they provide excellent bonus for FREE which will add some other earning sources to your onlin3e business portfolio.

can you recommnd one Google payload source of buying:
Go to this blog--> Google Payload.

Ok i'll keep you updated with more Google Payload news.